Let’s Face It:

Writing is tedious. The executive workday is only so long, and the time spent writing blog posts and magazine articles is taken from more critical functions like improving sales and developing new products. And yet constant communication is vital if you wish to keep your company front and center in the public eye.

True, you could hire someone full-time to handle all your writing needs, but that adds another fixed cost to your personnel budget, even if the workload rises and falls over time. A freelancer, on the other hand, offers numerous advantages. My rates are reasonable and I’m paid by the job, so you end up buying only what you need. You also get a polished product written by a respected journalist with more than 20 years’ experience in the high-tech data and communications fields.

I generate blog posts, ghosted articles, feature stories, user profiles, slideshows – I can even host online video chats and discussion groups. My content is guaranteed to be both timely and relevant to the needs of today’s enterprise professional. I can also manage and maintain company-sponsored information groups, channels and other content on professional social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. I am well-versed in cloud computing, scale-up/out architecture, mobile/BYOD issues, virtual and modular infrastructure, green IT and countless other trends influencing the modern data environment.

It comes down to a simple choice: Do you want create web content and increase site traffic the easy way or the hard way? Let’s work together to make it the easy way.

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