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Blades Giving Way to More Modular Infrastructure

Technology solutions come and go in the enterprise, if not in an absolute sense then at least in terms of the dominant roles they play in driving data productivity.

At one time, the mainframe was all-powerful, and while many mainframes continue to provide valuable service to the enterprise, it is fair to say they are no longer the focus of most server infrastructure initiatives. Many mainframe workloads, in fact, were pushed onto rack servers first and then blades in the 1990s and 2000s as distributed architectures proved more flexible and easier to manage. But now that cloud computing and modular infrastructure are rising to meet the needs of mobile collaboration and Big Data workloads, it is fair to ask whether the sun is setting on blades as well.

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Emerging Data Infrastructure: Better, but Still Problematic

Embracing the future is usually more of a process than an event. Once the initial FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) passes, there is often a complete 180 in which all the problems of today are expected to be swept away. Once actual development and deployment kick in, however, the real-world practicalities become evident, leading to the realization that new issues invariably arise to take the place of the old.

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Apple in the Enterprise: Is It Real This Time?

Apple has set its sights on the enterprise. This is nothing new, of course, as Apple has wanted to play a part in the world of professional data communications for decades.

But with its hold on consumer gadgets, and the idea that most knowledge workers would prefer to use a single client device for both their personal and professional lives, the company is now angling to invade the workplace in a big way.

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