Monthly Archives: November 2016

Hype, Not Big Data, Got the Election Wrong

Did Big Data blow it in the election, and if so, what does this say about the technology’s ability to deliver all manner of insight into complex business and technological processes?

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On-Premises Can Be Just as Effective as On-Cloud

There are plenty of good reasons to push the enterprise infrastructure model onto the cloud. It is cheaper, more flexible, and is becoming increasingly more secure and reliable as both hardware and software architectures evolve.

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Apple Trying to Make the iCloud More Enterprise-Friendly

Hardware is not dead in the enterprise, but it is fair to say that selling hardware alone is no longer enough to support a viable business model. Virtually all of the top enterprise vendors, from HPE and IBM to Cisco and Oracle, have figured this out, which is why their emerging platforms feature a mix of systems, platforms, services and cloud support.

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