Monthly Archives: July 2016

Navigating the Challenges in IoT Infrastructure

The speed at which the enterprise has embraced IoT infrastructure has been impressive. But with most deployments still in a nascent stage, many organizations are only just now starting to encounter some of the challenges associated with scaling up to production levels.

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Tread Carefully into the Mission-Critical Cloud

The initial phase of the cloud transition is nearly done, with more than three-quarters of enterprises pushing at least a portion of their workload to public infrastructure. As expected, however, most of this is non-critical data and applications and is largely limited to storage and backup services rather than production workloads.

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The Growing Diversity of Virtual Network Operating Systems

The average enterprise may only have waded ankle-deep into the SDN waters to date, but already the diversity of options is making it difficult to determine the optimal solution for any given data environment. Indeed, despite the underlying technology’s high degree of flexibility, organizations may wind up with multiple SDN frameworks that cater to the needs of individual workloads.

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