Monthly Archives: April 2017

The Where, When and Why of Dark Fiber

Enterprises looking to improve connectivity across the internet of things and other wide-area data ecosystems basically have two choices when it comes to fiber optics: purchasing leased line services from a telecommunications carrier or implementing its own network using dark fiber.

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The Edge, or an Entirely New Form of IT?

Ready or not, the Internet of Things (IoT) is bearing down on the enterprise at a rapid clip, which is forcing the industry to shift its IT capital budgets from the central data center to the edge.

But what form will this new edge take? And how is the enterprise supposed to manage such broadly distributed infrastructure when it can barely keep tabs on what is going on at home?

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Containers Pushing the Enterprise Toward Cloud-Native Services

Container technology is making a swift run at the enterprise as developers try to iron out the wrinkles in creating web-facing applications using traditional data infrastructure. The one thing lacking, however, is an effective means to manage containerized services and microservices as they navigate the complex internal and external resource architectures in distributed data environments.

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