Monthly Archives: November 2015

Doubt Creeps Into OpenStack

The OpenStack community recently wrapped up what can only be described as a successful summit in Tokyo, with users, developers and members of the supporting vendors unveiling a wealth of new service offerings and reaffirming their commitment to seeing the format through to widespread deployment.

And yet, amid all of the warm feelings in Tokyo and elsewhere, there remains an undercurrent of apprehension throughout the OpenStack community…

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In Search of a More Enterprise-Friendly Container

Applications are quickly surpassing infrastructure as the key driver of data productivity. Where once the differentiators between cutting-edge and also-ran were measured in processor speed, storage capacity and networking throughput, it now rests largely on orchestration, availability and scalability.

Containers are whizzes at producing the latter…

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Fostering Real-Time Performance Across Cloud, Big Data and Mobile Infrastructure

Big Data and the Internet of Things are the two major disruptors in the enterprise these days. Organizations need to ramp up infrastructure quickly in order to leverage the value that is locked away in massive data stores, but it needs to be done in a way that supports rapid, even real-time, results without crushing the IT budget.

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ARMs, GPUs, CPUs: The Growing Diversity of Data Center Chip Architectures

Enterprise data loads have been growing more diverse for some time. These days, organizations are routinely juggling traditional workflows, mobile and cloud-facing applications, high-speed transactional data, and even a smattering of Big Data-style analytics.

It’s no surprise, then, that the x86 architecture’s hold on enterprise data infrastructure is starting to crack.

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