Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Real-World Impact of Abstract Networking

Ask most enterprise executives if they are interested in deploying SDN, and you’ll probably hear a solid “yes.” Ask them what they plan to do with it, however, and the response will become a bit less clear.

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Consumer Tech in the Enterprise: Balancing Work and Play

Like most of the technology initiatives hitting the enterprise these days, the advent of consumer platforms supporting professional applications and processes is met with a mixture of anticipation and caution.

Everybody likes to work with the tools they are most comfortable with, of course, but since this is enterprise data we’re talking about, it has to be secure, reliable and functional.

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Placing the Need Before the Cloud

Arguing over which kind of cloud is “best” for the enterprise is like arguing over what kind of apple tastes better than the others. Some people like the crispy sweetness of the Red Delicious, others the floral spiciness of the Courtland or the classic apple-taste of the Macintosh. And then the criteria change completely if you plan to bake a pie, make applesauce or press some cider.

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Storage in a Diversifying Data Environment

Larger data loads are coming to the enterprise, both as a function of Big Data and the steady uptick of normal business activity. This will naturally wreak havoc with much of today’s traditional storage infrastructure, which is being tasked with not only with providing more capacity but speeding up and simplifying the storage and retrieval process.

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HPC in the Enterprise: Not as Daunting as It Seems

It seems that the enterprise is both intrigued and yet intimidated by the thought of incorporating high-performance computing (HPC) into the data center.

On the one hand, who doesn’t want a powerful, scalable and highly flexible data infrastructure at their disposal? On the other, the financial, technical and logistical challenges to making it work properly are undoubtedly daunting.

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