Monthly Archives: August 2017

New Fabrics Emerging for Hyperconverged Infrastructure

In order for hyperconverged hardware to provide the type of performance that enterprises need, it must be coupled with high-speed network fabrics.

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Clouds Vie for Critical Workloads

It seems that cloud providers are no longer fooling around when it comes to getting enterprise workloads. With new migration packages and services optimized for mission-critical data and applications, CSPs large and small are eager for your business.

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Is Serverless the New Container?

Like pop music, the enterprise industry has a way of creating hot new stars one day and abandoning them the next.


A case in point is virtualization and containers. Virtualization burned up the charts right up until containers came along with a sleeker, more portable solution. Now, it seems that containers are headed for the “where are they now?” category with the advent of serverless computing.

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