About Me

Professional Writing Services
Specializing in advanced enterprise infrastructure, cloud computing, virtual/software-defined architectures and other developments for the enterprise, cloud/colo, telecommunications and related IT fields.

It continues to puzzle me how I got where I am today. I began in standard journalism-grad fashion, covering municipal issues in the small city of Shelton, Ct. Before long, dreams of Woodward and Bernstein brought me to Washington where I quickly found out that getting a job at the Washington Post is a lot tougher than getting a job at one of the many trade press organizations that revolve around the government. So my first gig was with TV Technology magazine, where I learned a lot about not only broadcasting and cable telecommunications, but graphics and display technology, switching and routing and everything else involved in modern video production and distribution. This also happened in the early 90s, when computers were starting to take on key video production tasks like editing and special effects.

From there, it was on to Phillips Publishing, where I was put in charge of about half-a-dozen newsletters dealing with video and cable/satellite TV, multimedia, the growing phenomenon of the Internet, and to my eternal pleasure, gaming. It was the late 90s by now and the cable industry was branching into data and telecommunications while the telecoms were branching into digital video – oh, and a company called AOL was showing everyone how the Internet could be used to make a fortune.

By then, though, I was getting sick of the grind and felt I had enough industry experience and a decent contact base for me to venture out on my own as a freelance tech writer. The going was rather difficult at first (queue violins), particularly after 9-11 put the nail in the coffin of the dot-com crash.  But I eked out enough of a living to keep me and the family from starving.

But with the rise of DSL and broadband Internet connectivity came the e-newsletter and the web-facing news portal, and suddenly a new wave of opportunity arose for us writers. Tech sites in particular were desperate for content and, while the pay wasn’t as good as in the old print days, there was enough volume to make up for it. So now I spend my time researching and writing blogs, features articles, slideshows and other content for clients like IT BusinessEdge and Enterprise Networking Planet, plus a smattering of web services clients like NetMagic.

My goal now is to increase my client base to include any and all players in the high-tech IT space. If you are, or your client is, in need of a steady stream of content for a cloud/colo service, enterprise data solution, telecommunications service or any other IT function, let’s get in touch. I can take the lead in keeping your clients, and potential clients, in the loop regarding new products, industry developments or anything else you want them to know.


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