Monthly Archives: February 2016

Where is SDN Taking the Network?

If the pundits and market analysts are to be believed, SDN is about to remake the enterprise. But what kind of network – if that name even applies – will be left in its wake when all is said and done? And how will this change what we have come to know as the networking industry?

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Embracing Technology Without Losing Your Humanity

Most enterprises these days are well on the road to virtualized infrastructure and are ready to move into the fast lane with advances like software-defined networking (SDN); Big Data architecture; and converged, modularized hardware. But at some point, it’s worth it to stop and ask, is any of this actually improving business processes and services or merely changing the underlying support mechanisms?

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Dealing with the Complexity of Cloud Storage

Storage has long been the main draw of the cloud, both for consumer and professional enterprise users. But there is a big difference between bulk storage and the kinds of advanced architectures required of complex data environments. So the question many organizations face these days is not whether to store data in the cloud, but how.

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Embrace, Don’t Fight, Digital Transformation

By now, the phrase “digital transformation” has made its way into the c-suite conversations at most enterprises. The idea is that emerging digital infrastructure, apps, services and other advancements will produce changes not only to the technical aspects of modern commerce but the processes, business models and even the very markets that drive economic activity.

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