Monthly Archives: March 2016

Is Now the Right Time for Dell to Drop Its Consulting Group?

For enterprises that are planning for the digital transformation that will place data-driven workflows across all facets of business and commerce, I have bad news – the transformation is not coming but is already underway.

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Mobility and the Cloud

It’s getting increasingly difficult to say where the data center, the cloud and mobile infrastructure separate. As workers become more adept at accessing data with their handheld devices, the enterprise is under the gun to ensure availability, portability, continuity and a number of other “ity’s” across distributed architectures.

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The IoT and the Enterprise Network

A lot of people are fretting over the Internet of Things and how it will affect enterprise infrastructure, particularly networks.

The specter of millions of data points sending continual streams back to the enterprise for capture, cleaning, analysis and downstream processing is enough to make any CIO cringe. It is also one of the reasons why so many organizations are looking to shore up their scalability and flexibility capabilities through virtualization and software defined networking (SDN).

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SDN for Hyperconverged Infrastructure

The enterprise is rapidly pursuing two key changes to data infrastructure in the drive to remain competitive in an increasingly digital economy. On the one hand, it is converting legacy network architectures into software-defined ones so as to build fully virtual data environments. On the other, it is undoing years of distributed physical infrastructure in favor of converged, modular footprints.

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