Monthly Archives: November 2015

Is It Time to Ditch the Storage Array?

With all the changes taking place in and around data infrastructure, IT executives are in a quandary as to how to allocate their budgets. Do you lower capital costs by investing more heavily in the cloud? Do you shore up your own data center? And if so, where?

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When to Use a Bare-Metal Cloud

We’re hearing a lot about the “bare-metal cloud” these days. The idea is that you can have cloud services not on a virtualized infrastructure but running directly on local infrastructure or leased hardware in a remote data center.

Naturally, this has a lot of people puzzled as to the difference between a bare-metal cloud, a hosted private cloud, and a standard colocation agreement that just happens to be used for dedicated cloud services.

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IT Turns to Hyperconvergence, But Is It Right for All Occasions?

Hyperconvergence is all the rage at the moment, promising big things in small packages and the ability to support Big Data and other applications at low cost and with none of the complexity that accompanies traditional data infrastructure.

But as with most emerging technologies, the truth is both more and less than it seems.

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Dell and the Sum of Its Parts

Complicated corporate mergers are often difficult to analyze, particularly when the industries they inhabit are undergoing such fluid, dynamic change. In the case of Dell and EMC, this is doubly true given the number of subsidiaries and partly owned entities that play crucial roles in the very technologies that are producing such broad industry turmoil.

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